A little at a time

Hello dear reader, you’re about to get acquainted with someone who loves writing. Not for money, not for personal gain, but for the joy of writing itself.  Someone who looks for any excuse to laugh at himself or someone else, or for something worth laughing at. (He normally finds an excuse rather quickly too.)

This person is what might be called “An Odd Sort”, and he wears that title as a badge of honor. He’s a hyper-conservative; basically, he’s three shades shy of crazy old mountain hermit man. He prefers the company of his close friends rather than a crowded party. He lives in a little mansion, surrounded by mountains and guarded by highly trained, flying, fire breathing turduckens that live in caves of- Oh, you meant where he lives in real life…That’s a closely guarded secret… 😉

In truth, he wants nothing more than to be a novelist; which would be why he could be called “Slightly Insane”, He prefers the term. “Highly creative, original personality”.  He’s working on bettering himself in artistic ways; music, writing, and a smidgeon of drawing to name a few.(Although his sketches aren’t looking too good.)

That’s all for now, He should show up on here at some point in the near future.

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