Update: That thing which is long overdue

Wow. It’s been well over a year since I even touched this little experiment…
lets see, since January 2013, I’ve gone to college for the first time ever and completed two semesters. I’ve been employed with three different companies in three different fields, those being: Fast food, College Facility, and I am currently with a third party technical support vendor for the world’s largest retailer based out of Bentonville Arkansas (HintHint Winkwink Nudgenudge).

I’ve almost completely stopped writing, save a few random ramblings hastily jotted down into my ineffectual semi-smart phone, but I hope to get back into the flow soon enough.

I will be posting a few selections from my un-intentional hiatus, starting with a more currant piece.

I don’t believe I will finish any previously promised works because, lets face it, no one really reads this blog so I will say and do what I want. If You do read this page of drivel, CONGRATULATIONS!¬†You’ve officially run of things to read.

All joking aside, I’ve grown a lot in the last year, and I hope to keep on keeping on, but for now that’s pretty much everything that’s going on with me.


I hope the phantasmal read out there enjoyed this,



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