UPDATE: The future of this little corner of the interwebs

Writing is my dream.
But I currently don’t have a good road map to make writing my full time job. That’s not to say I’m giving up, quite the opposite.

For you people that just recently started following me, which was a shock to me by the way, I will begin regularly update in this site with Something every Saturday….. Unless the demon of procrastination rears it’s ugly yet inevitable head….

Until I’m able to continue Order of Ouroboros, or create other new short stories, I’m going to be releasing papers from my College English Comprehension class and other assorted works in no particular order.

Tomorrow, I will be releasing a paper fro my first Semester English Comp 1 class entitled: “Psychedelics, The Healthy Option?”.
It’s one I’m pretty proud of, and it received an “A” grade within that class.

Also, there may (Emphasis on “May“) be some permanent changes coming to AnOddSort here in the next six months to next year, but as so very many numerous things hang on them ever coming into fruition, this statement is actually more for my benefit than that of the readers.

Until next time,


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