Unusual journal entries about Dr. Sansberg, PHD

Dream Log Entry #234
7/17/2028 C.E
J.J Buchanan

In a singular instant, all consciousness was ripped from my mind. Driven out. Replaced with utter darkness
Fear and terror gripped at my absent mind as the totality of the void consumed me

Then, a brilliant point of light projected out of the pitch blackness and filled my mind’s eye. With the voice of a trillion supernovae it called out my name
Not the assemblage of agreed upon scribbles and sounds given by mortal progenitors, but my true name. A name no one has heard before or since.
Even as I write this, the very familiarity of the name that was called out is slipping away.

The light then shifted into a brightly shining crystalline being. A being that radiated pure power and wisdom. With lips that never moved, and a soundless voice, it spoke to me.

Me. Someone unworthy to even imagine such an occurrence.

The message has been lost to the annals of my memory. God only knows what is was that I really saw.
Maybe I’ll never know…
Dream Log Entry #235
Same Night as Previous Entry


I remember the message.
t was a warning to all mankind.


The crystalline entity reached out and felt my lips without ever moving either of it’s transparent limbs or moving from the place it had appeared.

It spoke into my mind.
It screamed.


Dear Sir,

I need answers. The dreams haven’t stopped since I first wrote you three days ago. I’ve decided to attach scans of my dream log entries for the past month in this message from the first occurrence to last night. Every night I wake up from these dreams in a cold sweat with the distinct impression that someone has been watching me. And last night I set a set up a webcam to observe my sleep patterns and maybe see if I might reveal something in way of sleep-talking.

The webcam was missing this morning.

Not misplaced. Not moved. Missing. I don’t know who or what did this but who or whatever it was deleted the file that was recorded last night. Maybe I deleted the file in some sort of weird sleepwalking routine, maybe someone is pulling a sick prank, I don’t know.

I need answers. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I can’t sleep, I can barely eat, and I’ve used up the last of my sick days at work so I fear I’ll be fired soon if I show up late one more time.
Can you help me?

-John James Buchanan



I received a most curious message yesterday from one John James Buchanan, a man who claims to be plagued with visions of a frighteningly spiritual nature. In his letter, he describes a scene out a Lovecraft novel.
My initial reaction would be to hand out a simple diagnosis of stress induced hysteria, but upon looking into the matter further, I made the discovery that Mr. Buchanaan has been unemployed for the last eight months. And his previous place of employment was one of a low pressure environment, his job being a senior animal keeper at his local petting zoo.
I also have reason to doubt that these dreams are drug induced either with the fairly recent regulations on drug use in careers centered around children. Although, a full drug and toxin screening will be in order.
This case intrigues me, but I cannot go into detail at the moment as I have a prior engagement. I will elaborate further in future entries.

-K.W.Sansberg, PHD

15th OF NOVEMBER, 2029 C.E

After nearly three months with no contact, out of no where, Mr. Buchanan shows up at my door step. Not my office, mind you, my personal residence.

This shouldn’t be possible as my personal address has been removed from any and all public record since I’ve been on the “No solicitors” list since it went into effect in 2025.
I believe a word with the police is in order.

*knock knock*


What now?
*sounds of moving furniture and soft foot steps away from microphone*
*muffled voices*


Dr Alverstien, County Coroner, autopsy report on one Dr K W Sandsberg, 15/11/2028.

Subject is a male, mid forties, Caucasian, brought in from the scene at approximately 6 Am this morning.
Upon first glance, subject has multiple contusions and lacerations all over the body, with clusters of which in areas around the heart, liver, and large intestine. A large gunshot wound to the cranium, seems to be the primary suspect for cause of death, but I don’t think that is the case in this instance.

I will elaborate further in to the autopsy…

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